Current Lab Members & Alumni

Dr Carolann Schack is a current Marie Curie post-doctoral Fellow is interested in the evolution of polymorphism and modularity. Carolann has a Ph.D in biology from the University of Victoria in Wellington, New Zealand.

Dr James Saulsbury is a current post-doctoral researcher who is interested in phenotypic evolution on geological time scales. James has a Ph.D in paleobiology from the University of Michigan, U.S.A.

Dr Emaneula Di Martino is a current Young Research Talent Grant holder who is interested in bryozoan systematics and evolution. Emanuela holds a Ph.D in paleontology from the University of Utrecht, Netherlands but did most of her work then at the Natural History Museum in London.

Dr Trond Reitan is a senior scientist and our resident statistician. He is currently working on occupancy models, FBD models and supporting the group on linear SDEs. Trond is trained as a physicist.

Anna Piowni-Piórewicz is a visiting post-doc from the University of Gdansk in Poland. She is a marine biologist and currently works on the mineralogy of calcifying marine organisms. Anna is also an avid diver.

Mali H. Ramsfjell is a biologist and research technician who is interested in bryozoans, conservation biology and environmental issues in Norway and globally. She is the current master of our desktop Scanning Electron Microscope with more than 10 000 images under her belt.

Lab Alumni

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